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On the night of February 12, 2009, 34 year old guitarist Coleman Mellett was one of the 50 people who lost their lives when Continental Flight 3407 crashed just outside Buffalo, New York. He was on his way to play a concert with Chuck Mangione.

Sing You a Brand New Song: the Words and Music of Coleman Mellett, is a new documentary that tells the story not only of what was lost on that night, but what was found. “Coley” had been working in his home studio on a collection of original songs that showed another side to the musician and the man. Coley’s songwriting style, reminiscent of James Taylor and Michael Franks, came as a surprise to many who knew him only as an accomplished jazz guitarist. His words and music reflected his life and the people who meant the most to him, especially his wife, jazz vocalist (and the daughter of jazz legend Dizzy Gillespie) Jeanie Bryson.

Soon after the accident, Jeanie and Coley’s brother Zeb realized they had to finish what Coley had started. “I can’t imagine people not hearing Coley’s music,” Jeanie says in the film. “I can’t bear the thought of it.”